Friday, July 20, 2012

Awaiting Silence

I enter the darkened room.

The house is mine, alone.

I lay down upon the floor.

I listen, waiting for the silence.

Humming invades my conscious ears.

The source eludes me to obsession.

I stalk and trace, reaching the outlet.

Found the humming; it's diminished....

But cannot be silenced.

I take my quest out of doors.

Walking without direction,

Toward an unknown destination.

I arrive at the edge of a wood.

A spot calls me to surrender.

As I lay expecting silence,

A cacophony of song fills my soul.

It is far from quiet.

Natural song sung inspires my

Inner Silence.

The hushed breath of ease.

The drawing in to reconnect.

The Earth's Revolutionary Harmony

Is Reflected in my Heart's Symphony.

Within the Silence

Lies Epiphanies

Danielle Sandra Sloane Vyas 2009

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